What makes FLÏ so special?

Producing a superior cannabis product in 2017 is not as easy as one may think. Not only do you need a ton of working capital, a quality team and strong branding, but your product needs to distinguish itself from its competition.

FLI offers a variety of product types available flavored or strain specific. Utilizing a short path distillation process, we transform our trim and shake into a distillate. This distillate is highly potent and odorless, making it perfect for producing edibles. Additionally, the distillate allows us to reinsert strain specific or flavored terpenes back into the concentrate. This process enhances the user experience by providing an amazing taste and clean high.

What is short path distillation?


Known as the short path distillation technique, this process uses a high force vacuum to distill cannabis oil (or other products) at a low temperature (important considering cannabinoids have a very high boiling point), at a much faster rate. The short path 

distillation removes all the unwanted compounds to create the final product. This technique is now making headlines as a more preferred technique than the traditional extraction process: since cannabinoids have a very precise boiling point, a technique that can distill at a lower temperature ensures that the cannabis is not exposed to heat for as long a time, which gives the end product a much more stable shelf life.

Using the short path distillation technique, the total cannabinoid potency can go above 99%, compared to 65-80% for most other extract concentrates.  

So, why should I choose FLI Products?


On top of our products tasting great and providing an enlightened user experience, our Palo Verde facility is highly innovative. You can trust that our team will always utilize the most modern techniques and best practices so we can produce products that are consistent, stable, potent, and flavorful.

If you walk into any dispensary in Colorado that carries FLÏ products, their budtenders will immediately recommend our products. We replenish our dispensary partners shelves weekly, and their clientele have nothing but amazing things to say.

If you would like to know more about our products or would like us to reach out to your favorite dispensary so they can #getFLI, please email us at info@www.getfli.com.