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Most cannabis is measured by concentration but that does not measure how much the body accepts the experience. Until recently, it was not possible to test this, but scientific advancements have made testing possible for THC. Having the ability to measure “bioactivity” allows FLÏTM to develop production processes that promote a higher bioactivity.

We discovered that cold ethanol extraction and low compression processes produce superior CBD extracts and we’ve applied this process to THC products. Utilizing innovative cannabis science and cold ethanol extraction processes is what makes FLÏTM unique. It’s our oil advantage!

1Cold Ethanol Extraction

Our cold distillation process uses evaporated ethanol. This method exposes the raw extract to the lowest core temperatures and residence times.

2Spray Evaporation

FLÏ™ cannabis oil is then further refined using a short-path distillation wiped film VTA technology. This process allows FLÏ™ to produce a cleaner, potent, and superior oil distillate.

3Short-Path Distillation

Each FLÏ™ product starts with a clear, flavorless, high quality cannabis oil. We then add selected flavors, uniquely textured ingredients, and cannabis terpenes to transform our concentrates and edibles.

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FLÏTM combines select ingredients, high-quality THC oils, and premium flavors to create a revolutionary customer experience.

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