How are your products made?

Our passion lies in the real science behind cannabis extraction and manufacturing. To learn more about our production process, go here!

How do you pronounce FLI?

Just like the word “Fly”. In a sentence: “FLI High, friends!”

How is FLI related to Nutritional High?

FLI is Nutritional High’s flagship brand. Nutritional High is a publicly owned company currently traded under the symbols “EAT” (CSE) and “SPLIF” (OTCMKTS).

To learn more about Nutritional High, go here.

What is the FLI Safe Program?

The FLÏ™ Safe Program is one of the first of its kind in the industry. As a brand, we understand how important it is to give back to the community and to educate the public on products, cannabis safety, and more. The FLÏ™ Safe program is a combination of both of these, a socially conscious movement on behalf of our brand and employees.

To learn more about FLÏ™ Safe go here!

What is the Mile High FLI Rewards Program?

The Mile High FLI Club is the easiest way to earn rewards with every puff and bite! Earn FLI reward points that you can redeem on exclusive swag, events, and more.

To learn more about the Mile High FLI Club, go here!

Where FLI is available?

FLI is currently available in select dispensaries across both Colorado and California. Product selection varies depending on dispensary. See our FLI Nearby page for more info.

Which products are available?

We currently are selling vape cartridges, cannabis oil syringes, dab jars, and chocolate bars. Product selection depends on the dispensary that you visit.

Please check out this page to learn more about our line.

Which states are you coming to next?

We’re currently developing expansion initiatives for both Oregon and Washington. Our corporate mission is to go countrywide across the US and internationally.

Who can I get in contact with to discuss an issue with the product?

Feel free to go to our contact us page and we will direct your query to a designated FLI representative.

Who can I get in contact with to make an order on behalf of a dispensary?

Visit our contact us page and be sure to mention you’re a dispensary!! A FLI Representative will contact you shortly.

Why are your products priced the way that they are?

We price our products based on quality and quantity.