FLÏ™ is excited to announce our celebration around the launch of our Mile High FLÏ™ Club App [Link:]! Our team will also be kicking off the annual 4/20 holiday at Snoop Dogg’s 5th Annual Wellness Retreat at the Green Amphitheatre in Denver, Colorado.


Between his cannaphile lyrics and disregard for rules surrounding public cannabis consumption, Snoop has never made his love of herb a secret. Snoop and his team have been celebrating the unofficial 4/20 industry holiday for the past five years with this exciting event. This year, Snoop is bringing together artists to perform in cannabis-friendly states, showcasing well-known cannabis industry brands, and working to create the perfect atmosphere to kickback and enjoy 4/20 in.


Just a few years ago (2014), Snoop only had Colorado and Washington state to perform in due to legalization restrictions. In 2018, he is bringing the 4/20 celebration to Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, Washington and California! The recent U.S. legalization milestones are reason enough to celebrate 4/20. It’s a total green rush, and FLÏ™ is ready for it!


This year we want you to meet our Colorado FLÏ™ team, and get to check out our FREE app [Link:]. The Mile High FLÏ™ app lets you earn rewards with every puff and bite, find nearby dispensaries, browse our catalogue, and review FLÏ™ products.


The FLÏ™ team can’t wait to party with you and Snoop’s crew, don’t forget to come to our booth to say say “high” !