Budtenders Appreciation Night 2017

On Friday, September 22, FLI sponsored a Budtender Appreciation Night in Denver, Colorado. The FLI team had their own table set-up where they gave out samples of the cannabis oil vape pens and cannabis distillate high terpene and strain-specific concentrates to the attendees. We were happy to see budtenders from dispensaries like Nature’s Herbs and RootRx, who have carried FLI products since early on in the brand’s lifecycle.

What’s a cannabis event like?

The Budtender Appreciation Night was a site to see! Not only was there marijuana and booze, but there were funky tunes playing the entire time. There were other brands at the event as well. These brands made products such as THC and CBD infused edibles, tinctures, cooking oils, honey and a variety of cannabis oils/concentrates. It seemed as if all the budtenders were having a blast trying all the different types of products in such a positive setting.

FLI had a table set up in the main room directly across from the entrance. They presented the Budtenders and guests with their high terpene and strain-specific cannabis oil dabs, as well as their high terpene and strain-specific vape pens. They also handed out t-shirts, lanyards, pens, and informative postcards.

Get FLI. Stay FLI. Be FLI.

Everyone who tried the FLI dabs and vape pens loved them! You would think that there would be one flavor that stood out from the rest. But no, everyone who sampled the products had great things to say about all different product flavors and strains.

At first, you would hear remarks such as, “Wow, you can really taste the flavor” or “It taste so clean!” Later on in the evening, people would circle back around to the FLI table to inform them of the great high they were experiencing.

The FLI team met some amazing budtenders and members of the cannabis industry that night. Shout out to everyone who visited the FLI table that night! Please comment below and let us know your thoughts on the video and blog. If you want to get FLI, click here!